Happy valentines day cards 2019

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About happy valentines day cards:

February 14(The Happy Valentines Day) - a very ancient holiday, it was first celebrated in ancient Rome. In 496, the Pope announced February 14 as happy Valentine's Day. The popularity of this day(happy valentines day) of lovers reached its peak in the 18th century. Then the young people began to give each other beautiful homemade greeting cards in the form of hearts. In the postcards, they wrote declarations of love and poems.

Nowadays happy valentines day is celebrated as a romantic holiday in many countries. The lovers are eagerly waiting to confess to each other their feelings on happy valentines day. 

happy valentines day card 2019

This is a very good card which you can share with your loved one.

                           Happy valentines day 2019  card with messages

On Valentine's Day 
Let dreams come true. 
Love will not pass by, 
And flowers blossom in my soul! 

Let this happy valentines day 
Bring the news to the beautiful, 
Become a little fairy tale, 
Where everything is joyful and clear!

Happy valentines day greetings and wishes

Happy Valentine's Day 
I heartily congratulate! 
And the love of the great, pure 
I wholeheartedly wish. 

Let the smiles be like the sea, 
Let sorrow go. 
There will be hundreds of let confessions, the 
most vivid expectations!

 Valentine love cards

Congratulations on happy Valentine's Day and wish that love always lived in your heart, so that it becomes warm and joyful in your soul, that everything would work out in life so that always there was a necessary and loved person nearby.

Valentine cards for boyfriend

Happy Valentine's Day my dear bf. 
I sincerely wish you, my love, 
The most beautiful and bright, 
The eyes shining, happy. 

Take care of my feelings. 
They will make us even more beautiful, 
Sweeter, purer and warmer. 
Let the hearts be born. 

we enjoy each other, 
Believe in a miracle, smile, 
Laugh, sincerely love 
And take care of each other!

Valentine cards for husband

Happy Valentine's Day. 
Let life be like raspberries - 
Sweet, and love - mutual, the most gentle 
the strongest. 

Joy let her bring, 
Life presents present, 
Happiness - in our life will come. 
And let everything work out. 

Let the good warm you, Open the 
doors to the light, 
Will everything is perfect in life, 
And in love - everything is romantic!
Happy valentines day 2019.

Love cards for boyfriend

Happy Valentine's Day 
I congratulate you And I will wish you 
That is the soul of love lived, 
Revived so that the dream! 

That everything is in order was, 
All bad has receded, 
Loneliness not to know, 
Never to respond!
Happy valentines day.