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Happy valentines day love poems 1

You are dedicated to one another,

And the lights burn with a spark,

Such a young couple

I want to meet with flowers!

The first dance of teens,

And "forever" trembled.

So far, everything before you,

Everything will be sure.

You are as beautiful as Yin and Yang

You love it very much

They complete one-on-one

We live in a fairy tale again.

The world around you

He has protected you from harm

To stay together

Open your door to happiness!

I saw different couples in my life

Everywhere there are deficiencies themselves,

Do not waste happiness battles.

If there is harmony in existence,

Creates comfort in pairs,

Do not pull back positions for years

Our family will find shelter

Happy valentines day 2019 ........

Happy valentines day love poems 2

I congratulate Happy Valentine's Day.

I want,

Love was interdependent,

There is no crime, no argument, no drama.

Remember half,

About great love

As you speak more,

You two are the best!

Always burn the place

The star of love and loyalty.

Let's love your hearts

Combine two rings.

Express the feelings of women and men

Valentine protects.

Happy valentines day 2019 ...

Happy valentines day love poems 3

Congratulations on the beginning of our relations,

If they ever see the end,

Love gave many impressions,

What Is the Joy of Our Hearts?

I want you every day to see your smile,

Hold your hand too tight,

After no mistake is good,

When we approach each other, we'll find it!

Jubilee, this time!


But we are already an hour

Carries a ribbon.

The sun is just for you,

Wind songs are about you,

How beautiful to live in love,

Gray love and warmth,

Behind a stone wall,

If we were together.

The world has shone with you.

Both plans and dreams come true,

Easily conquered new heights -

All the wine here is yours!

I live for you, I breathe,

There is no obstacle.

I want to be with you,

Rodney and closer, day by day.

You are not just a half -

Much more, apart.

I pour dust on you,

Together, you and me!

Happy valentines day 2019 ...!!!

Happy valentines day love poems 4

Which pair, look ...

Yes, you are really useless,

The angel himself knows how,


To create a picture

The painter-life was brilliant,

And everyone in the world likes it,

Without exception, he commanded.

You are beautiful, there is no word,

Like a dance of spectacular dreams.

Light a candle,

We urge all passions.

Work for you all,

Everyone has a brother and a friend.

There are no better couples in the world,

You are idols of the peoples!

Happy valentines day 2019 .......

Happy valentines day love poems 5

Love guides us and inspires us,

The heights in the area help.

Love-like love, like art,

Let this feeling be eternal!

Love is not familiar to everyone,

Love goes beyond general schemes,

Helps to live and create,

The best thing to do and give!

As I love him,

Let me read the most,

After all, I will be hot in cold weather,

I can have something small in the heat.

I love your hands

Sensitivity to your eyes,

I love it as living in a fairy tale,

When you're with me.